10 Best Online Presentation Tools That Will Stun Your Viewers

by Yiming Xuzhou · Updated May 27, 2021
by Yiming Xuzhou · Updated May 27, 2021
Presentation Tools for Online Presenting

What are the best alternatives to PowerPoint? These are the 10 best online presentation tools for pitch decks, school presentations, and slideshows. But first, let’s talk about why it essential to utilize online tools to present ideas. 

Creating engaging presentations is especially important for small businesses and startups who need to prove themselves to investors. In order to effectively communicate your business ideas, you need to be able to create beautiful visual presentations with key points. 

These solutions are perfect for connecting with your viewers in a new and unique way. Here is my list of the best online tools for creating presentations. 

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What are the best online presentation tools?

Canva is the best free digital design tool in 2021. Not only can you create highly visual content for social media posts, you can also use Canva for creating stunning presentations. The good news is that you can use this platform without paying at all. The free version allows you to create unlimited presentations without ever worrying about a subscription fee.

If you sign up for a pro account, you get access to unlimited templates, elements, and pictures. I personally believe this is worth it because of the valuable add-ons and features. You can also get a free trial to see if the pro subscription is worth it for you. 

I love using Canva because of its easy drag-and-drop editor and how I can upload my brand’s images to my online presentations. Additionally, I can easily share my projects with team members, which makes this software great for team collaboration.

Seeing as how most people create business presentations with a team (or with classmates), it is essential to be able to edit together. Canva is simply the best tool for this.

Visme is a great cloud-based online presentation tool that makes it easy to create visually engaging presentations. Instead of giving you a single tool for crafting your messages, Visme’s workshop platform includes everything you need. This includes:

  • 1. Visual Graphics
  • 2. Animations
  • 3. Graphs
  • 4. Charts
  • 5. Statistics
  • 6. Media
  • 7. Photos
  • 8. Icons
  • 9. Uploads
  • 10. Text

Visme is also great for making branded documents that look professional. In addition to making visual presentations with engaging infographics, you can create proposals, whitepapers, invoices, and PDF guides with this software tool.

I would recommend getting a free live demo of the app before signing up for one of the plans, which range from $20 a month to $60 a month (per 3 users).

Microsoft Office 365 for Business includes a collection of desktop services including PowerPoint– one of the pioneer tools for creating presentations online.

While PowerPoint may be seen as boring or overused, it can be used in conjunction with other Microsoft tools that bring new life into your presentations.

For example, you can take advantage of Microsoft Events. This is a platform that lets you host real-time events where you can present speeches with a dedicated timeline, text transcription, time coding, and closed captioning.

You have the option to do this in a live event or give it to remote workers on-demand. This means they have the option to view the meeting after it has already taken place.

All this and more are included in an Office 365 subscription plan.

Envato Elements is a huge digital marketplace for creative assets ranging from logos, presentation templates, PowerPoints, to WordPress themes and video snippets. 

You can easily find any online presentation template you like and rework it for your specific needs.

Additionally, you can sign up for a free account with Envato Elements and still use some of their online presenting tools.

5. Keynote


Keynote is a free online presentation software developed by Apple. If you are reading this on a Mac computer, you should already have this open-source tool downloaded. It is also available for free on the app store.

Keynote is a great presentation tool for online workshops because of its ease-of-use, simplicity, and multimedia options.

It has tons of support guides (here is a guide to get started presenting on Keynote) that come from both Apple and third party helpers. 

6. Google Slides

google slides

Without a doubt, Google Slides is the best free presentation tool available online. As long as you have a valid Gmail account, you can start crafting beautiful presentations instantly with this app.

It has no premium plans and gives the user every feature for free right from the start.

Flexclip is an online software tool that lets you add enriching videos to your digital presentations. You can tell a story, make a brand video, or market a product directly from Flexclip.

This is a great option if you want to include eye-grabbing videos in your presentations. Perhaps you want to make a startup pitch deck but you need a video of your product in use. Flexclip is your best bet.

The good news is you can sign up and make videos for free. If you want to craft videos without watermarks, the basic plan is only $6 a month. 


8. Prezi

Prezi is a well-known software tool for making visual presentations that are both beautiful and interactive. It has been used heavily in the education space to teach lessons while sending viewers on an interactive trip. For this reason, Prezi has always been considered as one of the best online presentation tools.

If you want to spice up your online presentation skills for your visitors, consider using Prezi. It is totally free and very intuitive to use.

9. Beautiful.ai


The way that Beautiful.ai differs from other online presentation tools is quite unique. Instead of giving you a platform to build your slide deck, Beautiful.ai uses computer intelligence to design it for you. 

It is an interesting idea, to say the least. Luckily, you can sign up for free and check out how it works before purchasing one of the plans.

10. Zoho


Lastly, we have Zoho: one of the modern best online presentation tools available in 2021. You can easily create professional-looking slide decks with a team of collaborators without worrying about boring your audience. 

If you are looking to upgrade from a casual Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation, Zoho’s presentation software is a great choice to check out.


Well, there you have it. The 10 best online presentation tools ranked in 2021. If you are looking to enhance your digital presenting skills, these are the best tools to help you get there. 

Of course, there are always more ways to impress your web presentation viewers. You can check out Fiverr’s collection of freelancers who can build you a professional presentation for only $5

Another option is to take an online course for growing your skills in presentation design. If you are looking to create memorable business presentations for marketing, finance, or school, this is a great course to look into.

What are the tools used in presentation?

The tools that people use to make presentations include presentation building software, graphic design software, and video software. All these tools can be used separately and combined together in a single online presentation. 

How do I improve my online presentation skills?

A great way to improve your public speaking and presenting skills is to keep your visual content focused and to practice practice, practice. If you want to learn the best skills from some established public speakers, consider taking a public speaking course.


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