Are Standing Desks Good for You? | 2021 Research

Standing desks. Are they actually good for you health? | For your work from home office

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The Standing Desk. Is It Good For You?

Since work-from-home became the new regular, standing desks have been quickly growing in popularity. Many people are wondering, what are the real benefits of using a standing desk? Are they actually good for you? Good for your health?

Standing desks let you cycle between a sitting and standing work position. They typically come with a small button control panel under the desk where you can set preferred heights and adjust as desired. Instead of stacking objects under your monitor, standing desks give you maximum flexibility for setting your favored eye level for your screen. 

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Regardless, you should still keep reading to find out exactly what research has to say about the assumptions and positives of using a standing desk. 

Weight Loss

Most people can piece together how standing at your desk could help you lose weight. Surely, it must burn more calories to actively stand and work instead of sitting in one place for an extended period of time. While this probably won’t make a difference for a day, prolonged standing should most definitely have health benefits. Right?

Health Benefits of Standing?

According to a study done by journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the caloric difference of standing versus sitting at a desk during work is far from significant. In fact, it will only burn about 9 more calories per hour of work. To get this data, subjects were tested for their resting metabolism and put in trials of lying down, sitting, and standing for certain periods of time. Professor Gregg Afman, a study collaborator, says “current interventions to reduce prolonged sitting like standing desks or wearable technologies only increase standing by a maximum of two hours per day. This limited time-frame would cause a person to expend less than 20 kcals more each day.” 

That being said, the study did not account for random movements that a worker might do while standing and working. They were only tested for standing still and sitting still.

Personally, I like to walk around or at least fidget while i’m standing and working on my standing desk. While it probably does not equate in a much larger caloric difference, it is probably still better than any movement I can do sitting. 

More Research Proved...

Another study, this one done by the Journal of Physical Activity and Healthfurther proved that standing while working only results in a marginal benefit. This study looked at the average calories burned per hour while sitting, standing, and walking. 

It was found that subjects burned about 80 calories an hour while sitting.

88 calories an hour while standing.

And 210 calories an hour while walking. 

Again, not much of a difference. 

If anything, this should encourage you to take a walk at some point in the work day. Walking during your break could result in a greater benefit than using a standing desk for a week!

Brain Benefits From Standing Desk

So if using a standing desk doesn’t actually help you drop calories, what will it do?

Well let’s go over the downsides of sitting all day just to compare it to standing.

Studies have shown that sitting for prolonged hours routinely can eventually lead to

  • Fogginess
  • Obesity
  • Shoulder and back pain
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer

So basically, your brain and your body will thank you for not spending half your day sitting. However, you will probably get tired of standing or you might get lower body pain. For this reason, standing desks are ideal for letting you cycle between periods of standing and sitting while you work. This is also why they are growing so popular in the past years!

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So what would you do if you could work while exercising?

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