Best Standing Desk Under $200 of 2021

The Best Standing Desks Under 200 by Yiming Xuzhou

April 1, 2021

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fezibo standing desk

The electric adjustable standing desk is a work desk that typically comes with a control panel allowing you to change the height of the desk at will. You can precisely pick the perfect height to work with built-in motor drives within the desk itself. 

Over the years, standing desks have skyrocketed in popularity due to their ergonomic design and practical use. Originally, they were powered by levers that required people to crank the desk up and down in order to change the height. Now, most if not all of the standing desks on the market are electronically powered. While this requires you to situate the desk near a power supply, it makes the process of adjusting your height much easier. 

In terms of cost, one would expect that standing desks would be much more expensive with the new technology upgrade. However, you can get a perfectly efficient standing desk for less than $200 right now.

I’ve gone through the effort of reviewing these 5 standing desks to know exactly why they are the best ones on the market, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. 

So if you need a standing desk on a budget, you’ve found just the right place. 

#1 SHW Electric Memory Desk

Light and reliable with hidden extras | Best Overall for exactly $200


  • Motorized industrial steel
  • Height range from 28″ sitting to 46″ standing
  • Measures 47.25″ W by 23.6″ D by 28-46″ H

Why Buy?

  1. Includes under table basket for cables and wire storage
  2. Weighs under 70 pounds 
  3. Stable and ergonomic design



The SHW standing desk is by far my favorite for its sleek design and perfect motorized controls. Compared to the other standing desks we will look at, the SHW is best all-around in terms of size, assembly, design, and extra perks. 

For one thing, the basket on the back of the desk is perfect for holding and organizing wires. The desk also comes at a great size compared to the other desks. It is somewhere between small and large, ideal for a mid-sized work area. 

#2 FEZIBO Bamboo Standing Desk

Smaller but Light & Easy Assembly | Best Standing Desk for small space


  • Motorized industrial steel
  • Height range from 24″ sitting to 40″ standing
  • Measures 41.73″ W by 14.17″ D by 24-40″ H

Why Buy?

  1. Includes cable management tray
  2. Comes with desk hooks for headphones and accessories
  3. Bumper sensor for no collisions



#3 Flexispot Standing Desk

Largest and Heaviest | Strongest Standing Desk for larger workspaces


  • Motorized metal steel
  • Height range from 30″ sitting to 48″ standing
  • Measures 48″ W by 30″ D by 30-48″ H

Why Buy?

  1. 2-Button system for simple controls
  2. Most spacious standing desk
  3. Sturdy and robust but over 100 pounds


$249.99 $199.99

#4 Famisky Crank Standing Desk

Old Fashioned Crank Adjust | Best Deal for Standing Desk


  • Crank Adjustable Metal
  • Height range from 24″ sitting to 48″ standing
  • Measures 48″ W by 24″ D by 24-48″ H

Why Buy?

  1. Beautiful wood finish for a certain environment feeling
  2. Lightest of the standing desks at under 60 pounds 
  3. Handy and reliable crank system reduces wire presence



#5 DEVAISE Crank Workstation

Modern Crank Adjust | Elegant but Less Adjustable and Smaller


  • Engineered Wood and Crank Metal
  • Height range from 29.5″ sitting to 45.5″ standing
  • Measures 47.2″ W by 23.6″ D by 29.5-45.5″ H

Why Buy?

  1. Modern touch to a classic crank standing desk
  2. Cheaper at the expense of size 
  3. Sturdy legs and fastest assembly




All in all, I still recommend the SHW as the best standing desk to buy if you have a budget of $200. That being said, if you don’t mind a crank adjustable standing desk there are great options that can save you a bit of money. 

So do standing desks actually provide you with any health benefits? I answered this question with a research-backed study linked here.

Would you buy a standing desk to help with productivity?

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