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25 Profitable Business Ideas for Teens

25 Profitable Business Ideas for Teens That Need Money
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This is a complete list of business ideas for teens.

The best part?

You can start most of these businesses with just a laptop and some skills.

In fact, these ideas can make you enough money to purchase as many laptops as you want.

Just look at a teen entrepreneur like Maya Penn.

Maya Penn

She learned how to create her own online store at age 10

And became a millionaire before she reached 20.

Her success came from her ability to capitalize on profitable business ideas and models

Here is a list of 25 of them. 

A Complete List of Business Ideas for Teens

Teen Business Ideas (for Students)

1. Professional Writing

Writers Work

Growing up with writing assignments and essays, teens often develop unique skills in writing. 

One way to turn this into a profitable business is by doing paid writing assignments on the internet. 

For example, WritersWork is an online platform that connects freelance writers with lucrative writing jobs.

This is a great way for teens to make money if they are talented at creative writing, blogging, or copywriting.

The job’s also easier if they utilize AI copywriting tools like

Learn how to make money by writing.

2. Starting an Online Apparel Store

Start an Online Apparel Store

Teen entrepreneurs often begin their careers by building their own online stores. They can build them either with an eCommerce website builder or a simple online store creator.

Sometimes, all you need is a unique idea and a knack for sales to be successful as a teen.

For example, take Brandon and Sebastian Martinez. 

These brothers, aged 13 and 11 respectively, founded an online sock business that has generated nearly $1 million in sales. 

Learn how to start an online T-shirt business.

3. Drop-shipping


One easy business idea that teens can start is drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping works like this:

  1. Your customer places an order from your online store
  2. Your store automatically sends the order to your drop-shipping supplier
  3. Your supplier prepares your customer’s order
  4. Your supplier ships the order directly to your customer


The difference between drop-shipping and traditional retail stores is that:

With the drop-shipping business model, you don’t buy products directly from a vendor and sell them to customers. Instead, a third party handles the order fulfillment and sends you a check for the value of the item sold.

You make money by charging a markup fee with each fulfilled order.

This method is currently working GREAT in 2021.

Consider a college student like Kyle Borawski. He made over $224,900 dollars from drop-shipping on Spocket in his first 3 months alone.

Learn how to start a drop-shipping online business.

4. Design and Sell Digital Assets

Here’s another good business idea for a teenager.

Especially if they are Design Majors and Comp Sci Students. 

If you know how to create digital assets like fonts, print templates, product mockups, icons, backgrounds, and presentation templates, you can make money by selling them on Envato Elements.

However, making money with this idea will require you to invest in graphics design software.

The best one is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

If you want to learn more, Sellfy has a great blog post with tons of examples of digital products you can sell online.

Read it and learn how to make money by designing and selling digital assets.

5. Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the most popular teen business ideas that also make good money.

Teens who tutor alone (without working for a company) typically use a video conferencing tool like GoToMeeting or Zoom in conjunction with an online whiteboard tool to teach students.

If you want to find tutoring jobs online, check out some job listings on FlexJobs and

Teen Business Ideas (Entertainment)

6. Start an Entertainment Podcast

Start a Podcast

Here’s the thing about podcasts: they can help you build your audience.

Just like with blogging, not everyone who listens to your show will come back for more, but the ones who like your style and your content will continue to show up.

Once you have a dedicated audience, you can monetize your podcast with sponsorships, affiliate links, and paid promotions. 

Teens who are skilled in entertainment can easily become successful with this business idea, as long as they can formulate their ideas into words. 

Learn how to start a podcast.

7. Sell an Online Course

Sell an Online Course

Teens who take college courses know how profitable it can be to work in the education industry.

But did you know that starting your own unique online course can actually turn you into a millionaire before you reach your 20’s?

Just look at the thousands of successful online course creators on Teachable.

If you are a teen with a special skill, turn that idea into an online course business.

Learn how to start an online course.

8. Start a Blog

Creative teens can start a blog about any subject they’re interested in and make money through display ads, affiliate marketing, and other ways. 

This is a great business idea for teens, students, and anyone with a laptop and some time. 

As long as you stay dedicated to your blog, you can become profitable in a matter of months. 

Learn how to start a blog.

9. Build a IOS App

Langston Whitlock

You don’t need years of experience to develop your own software and make it profitable.

17-year-old Langston Whitlock is a great example of a teen entrepreneur who took an idea for a business and turned it into a multi-million dollar app.

He was successful because he started early. At only 12 years of age, Whitelock created his own anonymous messaging app from scratch using Javascript.

Teens that have a unique talent in computer science can replicate this business model by learning how to build an IOS app.

Alternatively, they can also use platforms like Zeroqode that allow you to build an app from scratch without coding. 

Learn how to code IOS apps.

10. Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer is one of the most sought-after jobs in 2021, especially for teens and youth. 

Teens want a flexible business idea that can work completely online.

Creating and monetizing digital content (as an influencer) is the best way to do that. 

If you want to become a powerful influencer and make money today, take a few online courses on influencer marketing.

Then, use these helpful tools to grow your social presence faster:


Learn how to become an influencer.

Teen Business Ideas (Local)

11. Be a Local Servicer

Local Servicer

Help out your community and make money by becoming a local service provider.

This type of work can range from fixing things around the house, mowing lawns, coaching, or coordinating projects.

Teens without professional experience can still start a profitable business by taking up local jobs on FlexJobs or NextDoor.

Alternatively, teens can also find remote online jobs on Virtual Vocations.

12. Sell Collectibles

Sell Collectibles

Do you have a huge collection of valued collectibles like vinyl records, comic books, trading cards, or coins?

If so, you can make a lot of money by selling these with an online store or directly to antique shops.

Learn more about this teen business idea and how to sell collectibles.

13. Be a Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

Many teens enjoy doing photographer as a side hobby.

Turn this pastime into a profitable business by selling your photography services online using Fiverr.

However, you need to learn how to stand out with your photography if you want to get enough clients to be successful.

Read this step-by-step guide on becoming a professional photographer and take the online courses.

14. Do Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs

Another local business idea for teens is doing odd jobs for people in the community. These jobs can be found on web pages like FlexJobs and Zippia.

Not sure what an “odd job” is?

Check out this infographic.

You can also find simple online jobs to do (like filling out surveys and browsing the internet) on sites like InboxDollars and SwagBucks.

15. Fix and Flip Houses

Fix and Flip Houses

Fixing and flipping houses is a smart way to turn $25,000 into $100,000 in only a few months.

However, it will take a lot of hard sweat and labor if you want to be successful.

This is an ideal summer business idea for teens that need something to do—while making good money.

Learn how to fix and flip a house for profit.

Teen Business Ideas (Online Only)

16. Become a Freelance Developer

freelance developer

Teens with unique skills in website development should turn their talents into paychecks.

In fact, this job works perfectly as a side hustle.

Get your coding skills up and start looking for contracts on Fiverr to start.

Then, read this guide to becoming a full-fledged freelance web developer.

17. Sell a Subscription Box

subscription box

Subscription box businesses have been on the rise because of their recurring revenue model and overall popularity with consumers. 

Many teen entrepreneurs have already launched successful subscription box businesses in recent years. 

Take 17-year-old Journi Prewitt for example. She founded a subscription box for young girls of color to celebrate their culture with books and goods from black-owned businesses.

This landed her on Forbes magazine, grew her social presence to over 14,000 followers, and provided her community with a beautiful product.

Learn how to start a subscription box business.

18. Publish an eBook


This business idea is for teens and students who don’t have enough money to spend on developing a new product.

Most of the work involves writing and formulating ideas.

Similar to how teens write projects for school. 

Startup costs are low, but your growth with this business idea depends on the quality and marketing of your book. 

Publishing your own eBook is a fantastic way to gather your ideas and put them into a cohesive passion project.

Once you have finished creating your eBook, you can make money from selling your book on sites including:


By the way, here’s a tip for bloggers. Instantly transform any blog post into an eBook with this tool.

Learn how to create and sell an eBook.

19. Video Producing


There are many ways for teens to make money by producing videos.

For example: Start a YouTube channel, produce videos for businesses, or do freelance work.

Startup costs are low for this business idea, except for camera equipment and video editing software.

20. Teach a Foreign Language

Foreign Language

Know a foreign language?

Make money by creating a paid online course that teaches your language to teens and students online. This way, you can generate passive income far after you finish completing the course.

Teen Business Ideas (With a Product)

21. Sell Your Art

Sell Your Art

Teens with skills in creativity and artistry can make good money with this business idea.

Turn your art into a profitable product by selling it on your own online store and putting it for sale on marketplaces like Etsy and eBay.

Learn how to sell your art online.

22. Make Sales Conversion Funnels

Conversion Funnel

Sales conversion funnels are web pages designed specifically to walk a new customer through 4 stages:

  1. Attention: In this stage, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention, make them take action, or they’re gone. The key is knowing your offer—the benefits of buying your product—and communicating it effectively to your prospective customers.
  2. Interest: Your prospect’s interest in your product or service is aroused when they see a serious need, experience an epiphany (aha moment) of how your product or service can help, or experience dread over a problem if they do not use your solution.
  3. Desire: Good products and services exist everywhere, but people will only buy them when they are convinced they are the best option. Reviews are conversion rate optimization tools—they help customers understand what something is really like before they’ve bought it.
  4. Action: The final stage of the sales funnel is to purchase your product. Your conversion rates depend on how well you move your prospective customers through the various stages in the cycle.


If you are a teen with a product ready to sell, use software that can build an efficient sales funnel that boosts your conversion rates. This way, you will always know if your return on investment is profitable from any marketing campaign.

Learn how to make a profit-generating sales funnel online. (Webinar)

23. Launch a Niche Website

Niche Website

This is another smart business idea for teens that want to make money from home. Launching a niche website is a great way to generate awareness for a product you want to sell.

It’s the same reason why nearly every online company owns a blog too.

Teen entrepreneurs can use a niche website as a starting point for growing a bigger online business in the future.

Learn how to launch a niche website.

24. Start a Pop-up Shop

Pop-Up Shop

A pop-up shop is the term given to a shop or store that is purposely temporary.

A teen entrepreneur can use it to prominently display their products in a high foot-traffic location for a limited period of time.

This is a perfect business idea for teens that just started a new brand, and want to understand whether there’s a market for their brand.

The startup costs are much lower than starting a traditional retail store, which is another reason it is ideal for teenagers.

Learn how to start a pop-up shop.

25. Make Products for Pets

Teen Business Ideas

Millions of people across the United States alone own at least 1 pet.

If you can create a product that entices even a small percentage of pet owners to make a purchase, you have an opportunity to make a profitable small business.

Teens who live at home may have more experience playing and interacting with house pets.

Use this time to take note of any interesting toys or gadgets that your pet might like.

Then, create a prototype and follow the steps to create your own business.


There you have it. A full list of 25 teen business ideas anyone can start in 2021. If you enjoyed reading this article, please consider sharing it with other teens and entrepreneurs who may find it useful. You never know when the next successful business idea can be discovered. After all, I made this list to help young entrepreneurs find inspiration to start their own businesses.

If you have any other business ideas for teens that didn’t make it on the list, please leave a comment below!

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