Blogger Neil Patel Makes Over $381,772 Per Month - Here's How

How Does Blogger Neil Patel Make Over $381,772 Per Month by Yiming Xuzhou | @siliconvalbread

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If you know what online marketing is, chances are you know who Mr. Neil Patel is.

How do I know this? 

If you go to Google and search any term that’s vaguely related to blogging, online marketing, or SEO, will almost absolutely show up within the first page’s results. 

In fact, one of his most popular blog posts (that gets over 242 thousand monthly viewers) explains just how much money he makes in a month of business. 


Notice the way this article is titled. It is eye-catching, simple, and also manages to separate itself from other blog posts with a similar topic. 

This is only one of the few skills that Neil Patel has mastered in his decades of experience in online marketing. 

In this article, Neil Patel talks about his strategy for monetizing a blog worth 7 figures while giving his readers a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started themselves.

The goal is to inspire readers to create a blog that makes a tenth of the amount he makes- which amounts to $3817 a month. 

He then shares a screenshot of the earnings he made that month from his website,

So what’s the catch?

Well the truth is… Neil Patel doesn’t make $381,772 a month

He makes a LOT more

Before we get into all the ways this brilliant mastermind brings in the bread, feel free to skip ahead to any portion of the article with this table.

Table of Contents

Before We Start: Build Your Website in 30 Minutes

If you want to make the type of money that Neil makes, the first step is to start your own website.

You will need the following items to build your business exactly how Patel does. 

  • Web Hosting (so your site can be discovered online) We recommend Bluehost because it is fast, safe, reliable, and it costs less than a bottle of milk each month. You can also get a great deal as a reader of my site. When you are making the purchase, they give you some extra add-ons but I would only recommend getting the Domain Privacy and Protection so nobody can find your private information easily online. Ultimately, it is your choice but I would recommend it as I bought it myself. 
  • A domain name (like Your domain name is the first step to creating your brand and getting discovered. If you use our web host provider Bluehost, you can get this for free.
  • Download WordPress (free website building software) With Bluehost, you can download and install this website managing tool with a single click!
Now, let’s find out how Neil Patel uses his Bluehost website to make hundreds of thousands a month!

1. How Neil Patel makes money by getting website traffic

Step 1. Growth

Neil made his first website when he was only 16 years old. At the time, Google was nowhere close to where it is now and Neil was an early pioneer for his craft.

He created a job board website called Advice Monkey. With no initial experience in marketing, Neil outsourced the job to a marketing firm that did not provide results worth the compensation he paid. 

It was at this point that he forced himself to learn online marketing.

This is where his skill of driving traffic first began to take off. Within the year, he had found a way to generate over 100,000 users to his site every month. 

Keep in mind, this is 2006 and most people were still learning to make money through traditional brick and mortar retail. 

When he moved to college, Neil got a job at an ad agency that made 8 figures of revenue a year and paid him handsomely. Eventually, he went on to co-found a marketing website software company called Crazy Egg which is now used by over 300,000 small business owners. 

A few years later, he created Quick Sprout, a blog that has since become hugely successful with millions of traffic visitors every month. 

His process was essentially replicated with the creation of his personal brand website, This site has grown tremendously and is the site where he shares the most about his success and his strategy for building traffic

One of the most important things he preaches is to always build your audience and traffic before focusing on how you are going to make money. 

But once you get there. the next step is…

Step 2. Monetize, Monetize, Monetize

The number 1 way bloggers create revenue once they have a strong audience and lots of traffic is through affiliate marketing

Neil Patel is no different. In fact, the reason why his blog generates over 380 thousand dollars a month is largely due to his skill in affiliate marketing. 

So what is affiliate marketing? And how can you make over $380,000 a month from it?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is the act of promoting another business’s products and services in exchange for a portion of commission. 

By talking about products relevant to your niche, your words and recommendations can be the most effective way of generating revenue from a blog. 

Here’s a screenshot of a common way marketers can take advantage of affiliate marketing. Smart Passive Income’s Pat Flynn makes use of a resource page that shows off some neat software tools with an informative description. 

Along with writing blog posts where he shares tutorials for creating websites, landing pages, etc. Pat is able to generate over $100,000 a month.

And these are stats from 4 years ago!

Another common way for blogs to monetize themselves is by making use of Google Display ads. However, Neil Patel tends to stay away from this. If you’ve noticed, he doesn’t tend to use any display ads on his website. 


Display ads slow down your website. Making a fast website is one of the essential keys to generating massive traffic. 

They also detract from the reader’s valuable attention. You want your audience to read your blog, not “4 out of 5 doctors recommend this NEW dental paste!!!!” (joke). 

2. How Neil Patel makes money by selling his services

Of course, you can’t call your website a business until you start offering some sort of product or service alongside your blog. 

Many websites like Smart Passive Income offer purely online products. 

For example, here is a screenshot of some of their online courses for sale. 

There are lots of different types of online products that bloggers like to sell. For example, you have


  1. Software as a Service – site audit tools, image conversion tools, etc.
  2. Virtual Books – guidebooks, informational ebooks
  3. Private Community – pay for entrance into a private discord, slack server, social media group
  4. Printables – planners, templates, calendars
  5. Subscription Service – subscription box services
Our feature Neil Patel is no different. In fact, he actually sells his personal guided service through consultations. 

Neil’s service actually also uses his built-in SaaS app, Ubersuggest. 

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool for keyword analyzing, site auditing, and competitive researching. 

Of course, all this is basic information that you probably already know about Neil if you’ve visited his site at all. 

Let’s get into the crazier things this entrepreneur has done to bring in that cold hard cash. . 

3. How Neil Patel makes money from being a mad scientist

The Instagram Model Experiment

Aside from making money the normal way (blogging + affiliate marketing + selling), Neil has built his influence from testing out a series of marketing campaigns that might even shock someone like Plato. 

One thing he did to grow his traffic and name recognition was buy an Instagram account with 131,000 followers and change the name to @whoisneilpatel.

While he immediately lost thousands of followers (and continued to lose hundreds to thousands every day), he promoted the account by hiring models to do giveaways sponsored by him. 

Seriously I mean, check these photos out.

Oh, you’ve heard of Ana Cheri? Neil Patel knows. 


So what came out of this 57 thousand dollar instagram experiment?

As a result, the hashtag #whoisneilpatel was used over 10,000 times and his name got over 70% more searches on Google. Neil also made the discovery that using Instagram influencers can build your engagement and website traffic by incredible numbers. People are truly fascinated by what they can’t have. 

And seeing Neil Patel’s name next to the most popular models at the time was more than enough to garner the attention of hundreds of thousands of newcomers.

Oh, and it wasn’t limited to American models either…

Well that’s one (very effective) way to get a heap of anonymous attention. 

So what about his relations with people that he directly interacts with? What experiments does he do there?

Neil spent nearly $140,000 on food with clients and made nearly $1,000,000 in return

Neil believes in building strong relationships through respect and…

Food. Lots of good food.

In fact, on average he spends over 200 dollars on a typical tab for lunch. Why? He pays for his colleagues and his clients food, every time.

As a result, he made over $500,000 in revenue from client meetings, an additional $285,000 from implementing sales strategies he learned from colleague meetings, and $187,000 from applying other strategic insights.

Personally, I love Neil’s philosophy when it comes to building relationships with his workers, his colleagues, and his clients. 

And treating them to lunch is always worth the investment for him.

By the way, I learned about this story from a great article written on Check it out to learn more!

3. How much is Neil Patel worth today?

In 2016, Neil Patel was estimated to be worth between 7-10 million dollars. This was back when his focus was on Crazy Egg, Hello Bar (website conversion software), and Quick Sprout. 

4 years later, that estimate has risen to about 30 million. I got this screenshot from Greenhouse web-hosting’s website.

That means he could easily be making 5 million dollars a year, mostly from blogging and online marketing. 

Still don’t think blogging is a legitimate way to earn a living?

That’s right, it’s actually very possible to make upwards of $380,000 a month from blogging or even $5,000,000 a year.

These numbers are real, proven, and if anything, they could be lowballing.  

4. How can I start my blog too?

If you’re anything like me, reading about Neil Patel’s stories served as an inspiration to get out there and start a personal own blog too.

Luckily, it is very easy to get started today and make at least a portion of the amount Neil makes in your first 3 months. 

Instant Blog Startup Guide

Want to make the same type of money as Neil Patel? 

Start your blog too! 

Once you have a name and an idea for what type of content you want to create (and eventually monetize), you need a way to host your website. 

This means signing up for a software that gives you a website domain name, host provider, and everything else you need to have your website show up on search engines. 

For the fastest host with the best deal for your money, I recommend Bluehost

It’s only $3.95 a month to sign up for three years in advance so you never have to worry about losing your site or domain–I recommend this as I did it myself too. 

Once you have your host, follow all the steps provided (they have a great step-by-step startup system) and only buy the extra domain privacy and protection.

The other services they provide outside of your host and domain is not necessary and can be done better with outside softwares. Save your money!

From there, you can download WordPress–the best all-around website building software that allows for the greatest amount of customization. 

Go ahead and check out my guide to making money by blogging once you’re done!

By the way, if you want to know the benefits of starting your site and being your own boss, check out this article I wrote!


So what would you do if you made $381,772 a month?

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