How to Build a Successful MarTech Stack (with Examples and Tools)

Blog Marketing How to build a successful MarTech stack May 15, 2021 by Yiming Xuzhou | @siliconvalbread
How to Build a Successful Martech Stack

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the best Martech tools that you need to run a successful small business.

These software companies are no joke. Just look at the sheer power of the industry.

Valued at over $120 billion dollars, the marketing software industry includes some of the most profitable tech companies worldwide.

All of these businesses are loosely placed under the umbrella term “Martech”. But what exactly does this mean? And what is a Martech stack?

Martech refers to the technology and tools that companies use to enhance and manage their marketing performance. Martech tools help marketers do effective work at every stage of their marketing processes. 

Martech companies are usually built on the SaaS model and give marketers the tools to execute marketing campaigns. They include CRMs, email marketing software, automation platforms, content management tools, and more.

While Martech itself is not the same thing as a CRM tool (customer relationship management), CRMs are an example of a marketing technology software. 

A Martech stack is essentially just the collection of tools that a marketer may use to help augment their work for a company. 

These tools have become especially important for improving internal collaboration and conducting proactive customer communication.

If you want an idea of just how many tools a marketer can choose from, check out this famous graphic named the Martech 5000.

This landscape graphic was created in 2020 and depicts up to 8000 different software tools designed for marketers. 

The article also talks about just how much the Martech scene grew in the past year. Tools that helped marketers with social media and customer relationships grew by over 13.5% since 2019. Additionally, data marketing tools grew by about 25.5%. 

What are some key Martech trends in 2021?

With the rise of online work and remote collaboration, the technology trends in 2021 have been quickly evolving. 

Here are some of the most notable trends in Martech during 2021:

How to Build a Successful Martech Stack
  • Trend #1. Analyzing current stack: With more time to spend optimizing their processes, marketing teams have been looking back at their past subscriptions and deciding which ones are worth keeping and which are expendable.
  • Trend #2. Increase in agile teamwork: Marketers are looking for vendors that provide flexible, scalable solutions to support agile strategies. At a time where businesses are evolving faster than ever, the marketing service providers need to be growing too.
  • Trend #3. The right tools at the right times: Marketers need tools that help with customers in every stage of their life cycle. This includes points where automation works best and other times when personalized support is ideal.
  • Trend #4. Strategy guides all: Most marketing leaders agree that diving head-first into anything can lead to an unforced failure. Building a successful marketing stack takes time spent on planning, organizing, and optimizing.


We’ll talk more about these trends and how they should influence your decisions when you are building your own marketing tech stack.

Building a Successful Marketing Tech Stack

Every business is unique. Likewise, the marketing tools that are used may vary from business to business. For example, consider the differences between a B2B company and a B2C. They each have different methods and channels of approaching their target audience. As a result, they would most likely prefer to use very different technologies.

With that in mind, every company needs technologies that will create the base for their marketing processes. These can be seen as a foundation for building a complete (and unique) Martech stack.

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What are the 4 stages that every business will go through during its marketing process?

Every business is unique. Likewise, the marketing tools that are used may vary from business to business. For example, consider the differences between a B2B company and a B2C. They each have different methods and channels of approaching their target audience. As a result, they would most likely prefer to use very different technologies.

With that in mind, every company needs technologies that will create the base for their marketing processes. These can be seen as a foundation for building a complete (and unique) Martech stack.

Stage #1: Marketing Tools for Customer Discovery

How to Build a Successful Martech Stack

Getting your business discovered by new and prospective customers is definitely an important step for a business of any kind.

In fact, generating leads is one of the biggest challenges for startup companies without an established consumer base.

Lead generation in 2021 is largely reliant on how much traffic your online website is getting.  

Advertising Technologies

Driving high-quality leads quickly can be hard if you don’t know the best tools for it. Here is a list of our recommended software for getting your business discovered.

If you want to drive qualified traffic to your site, Google’s ads are the quickest way to reach your target audience. By showing ads to specific users, Google AdWords provides the foundation for you to use lead-nurturing strategies. These strategies include remarketing, email collecting, and conversion rate optimization.

Premium option: AdStage – Manage & automate paid marketing analytics

Create affordable, targeted ads with Facebook’s award-winning ad manager. Utilize advanced marketing tactics like retargeting and segmentation (based on age, demographics, interests, behaviors, etc.) As one of the largest social media platforms, advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to discover new leads. 

Nanigans: Advertising automation software for mid to large-sized businesses

Nanigans offers an in-house marketing team powered by advertising automation software. For larger businesses that want to maximize their ad spend with programmatic media buying and advanced intelligence, Nanigans could help you automate your advertising. 

We'll help you get in touch with their representative. All you need to do is fill out this simple form.
Message from the Author
Message from the Author

"Facebook ads are the best way to deliver intriguing content to your ideal customer. If your business isn't using them already, you should be questioning your marketing strategies."

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Where Are You Sending Your Prospects?

If you are creating high-quality ads and targeting them at your prospects, you need to make sure they are being sent to a high-converting web page. Setting your advertisement’s final link destination to a basic landing page is the easiest way to waste all your ad spend.

Unbounce is a tool that helps you build beautiful, engaging landing pages for any audience type. Creating new landing pages with their drag and drop builder is quick and simple. 

Why is this useful?

Having unique and captivating landing pages is your best opportunity to convert your initial leads into customers. At the very least, you can collect email addresses to begin nurturing new relationships.

Here’s an example of a landing page using Unbounce’s drag and drop editor.

The good news is that Unbounce allows you to make an unlimited amount of landing pages with the cheapest plan. This way, you can design different ones for each advertisement you create.

If you want to analyze your current landing page, they also have a free tool for that.

Another option: Leadpages

Content Marketing Tools

The best way to get new customers to discover your business organically is by putting original content on the internet. The process of optimizing your site for SEO begins with having effective content marketing. 

One way to improve your website’s content is to make sure you include original visuals that will help readers (and search engines) better understand your ideas.

The best tool for easy graphic design is Canva.

SocialPilot lets you manage multiple social media accounts for your personal use or business. It gives you a bunch of useful options like scheduling posts, analyzing insights, and optimizing your social media strategy. 

Alternatives: Sprout Social, Ingramer, Crowdfire (free)

CoSchedule is a great software for organizing your work in one neat calendar. I use it to schedule my blog posts ahead of time and see what my daily tasks are. Thankfully, you can integrate it with lots of other programs you already use, like MailChimp, WordPress, Google, Jira, and Slack.

Alternatives: Clickup

Stage #2: Marketing Tools for Strategizing

How to Build a Successful Martech Stack

Software tools that will ease the process of strategizing are a fundamental piece of your Martech stack.

Let’s take a look at some of the strongest technologies for acting on your business’s marketing strategies.

SEO Tools

If you want your business to be found on search engines like Google and Bing, you need to invest in the right SEO tools that will grow your organic traffic.

The first step to optimizing your On-page SEO is doing your research. Find the ideal keywords with high traffic and low competition with a tool like SEMrush so that your content marketing strategies hit their targets. 


Next, you should do a full site audit of your domain to see how it currently performs in a competitive search engine’s results. 

Again, SEMrush is a leading search engine tool for a reason. They have the best SEO analyzer software available online and they also provide tons of useful free guides for reading up on SEO.

Alternatives: UberSuggest, Moz 

By now, you should know how important it is to build backlinks to your website. Using a Martech tool can make it that much easier to do a task like this. 

Backlinks are perhaps the most important element that Google looks at when they’re deciding where to rank your website. Use an intelligence tool to see how your competitors gain their links and replicate their strategy with an edge. 

Prospecting Tools

It always helps to have technologies that will make it easier to grow your leads and build prospecting lists. Here are some of the best prospecting tools you should add to your Martech stack.

Uplead is a B2B prospecting software tool that can grab high-quality leads from nearly any valued company. 

Ideal for businesses that sell to companies, you can use Uplead to grow your email list and attract new clients that might not know about your proposition yet. 

Prospecting Tool is another prospecting tool that gives you instant access to B2B clients. You can reach your ideal customers with a generous free trial.

CRM Tools

Managing your customer relationship and sales is an ideal element of running a successful marketing campaign. For that reason, you absolutely need a CRM tool in your Martech stack.

Freshworks is a simple CRM solution that focuses on digital expertise and small business management. 

You get everything you need for a better price than most of the other big players on the market.

HubSpot is one of the most successful CRM software platforms available today.

The reason for this is because it comes with a separate hub for marketing sales and services. You can get an entire suite of Martech tools with only a single HubSpot subscription. 

Salesflare is like SalesForce but specifically for small businesses. If you can’t afford a professional-grade tool like SalesForce, starting with Salesflare could be the right decision for your business.

Check it out here

Stage #3. Marketing Tools for Implementation

What is a MarTech Stack?

These are the tools you should use to start implementing your marketing strategies into your customer’s life cycle journey. Add it to your Martech stack list.  

Customer Help Center Tools

When you have new prospects visiting your business website for the first time, you should have a bot ready to help them with any issues they may run into.

This is a great way to encourage more sales and alleviate problems, which ultimately leads to a better customer retention rate. 

If you want to add that little help center icon to your landing page, sign up for Freshdesk.

It’s the simplest help center add-on amongst businesses and it gives you an instant portal to provide support to your new and returning customers. 

You can set up automatic support messages, customer conversations, and team collaboration with ease. 

Additionally, you should take advantage of an SMS software tool that can help you automate text message conversations with your customers. 

Freshchat is a great solution for this because of its ease of use and effectiveness. You can use bot automated assistance at any time or switch to a human service provider at your own discretion. 

It integrates with a wide variety of platforms that you probably already use, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, WordPress, Slack, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and more.

Email Marketing Tools

Once you’ve built a solid email list, it’s time to use an email management tool to automate your marketing processes.

Aweber is a great choice for your email marketing software because it can be used for free, forever. 

Not only can you design simple and beautiful emails, but you can also automate them with scheduling tools, integrations, customer solutions, and landing pages. 

ConvertKit is another great tool that you shouldn’t pass upon. It offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that helps you create emails that people actually want to read. 

Personally, this is the one I use for my newsletters because of its creativity and UI/UX.

We also have a full review of ConvertKit here.

Stage #3. Marketing Tools for Optimization

A great marketer always makes sure to painstakingly test and retest every element in their marketing funnel to increase conversions and sales. 

Let’s take a look at the best software tools for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

A/B Testing Tools

Before you start doing a lot of A/B testing, make sure to record a baseline by downloading a report of your web traffic using Google Analytics.

You also want to keep a consistent eye on your analytics so you can see if your tests are giving you any positive results. 

The best A/B testing tool for improving your ad spend and getting more conversions is Unbounce

Like I said before, you can create an unlimited amount of landing pages and optimize them to convert like never before.

Make sure to use this tool in conjunction with email marketing software and analytics to maximize your outputs. 

Website Analytics (Heatmaps, User Recordings)

Smartlook is an amazing tool that helps you grow your conversion rates with a bunch of useful analytics and valuable insights. 

For example, you can see exactly how your users interact with your site using heatmaps and user recordings. With this information, you can redesign your website with new insights. 


Well, there it is, an in-depth look at some of the best tools you should implement into your Martech stack for 2021. 

If you sign up for at least a portion of these software tools, you should be able to better prepare your startup for growth. If you want to see more tools that I believe are useful for small businesses, feel free to read more of our blog posts.

Also, if you have other suggestions for tools you would add to your Martech stack, please leave a comment below.

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