I hope you learn something new from my blog post.
I hope you learn something new from my blog post.

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Title Tag SEO: How to Craft a Perfectly Optimized Title Tag

how to optimize your title tag for SEO



That’s the percentage of people that will read your title tag. Only 20% will read the rest of what you have to say. 


Well if you have an 80% chance to get someone to read your title, it should be pretty simple to get it right…. right?


The truth is, title tags have much more value than most people realize. 


Just look at the difference that Ahrefs.com received in organic traffic after they changed the title tag for one of their pages. 

You probably already know how important it is to get a great first impression on people that stumble across your website.


As the saying goes, you don’t get to make a second “first impression”.


In addition, humans aren’t the only ones looking and judging your title tag. Robots are too. 


These robots are website crawlers that Google sends out when they are analyzing whether your site should show up on the SERP.


But before we get into the best ways to optimize your title tag for SEO, 

What exactly is Title Tag SEO?

Page title SEO is the act of optimizing your title’s visibility for human readers and search engines.


Title tags are HTML elements. In fact, they actually look something like this. 


<title>What is Title Page SEO</title>


It can be easy to confuse a title tag with the heading tag (or h1). The heading is typically used at the top of the web page. This can be seen at the beginning of this blog post, for example. 


While headings can be the same as your title tag, they don’t have to be. Titles are different because they show up in multiple places including links, SERPs, and social media. 

Here, you can see the title tag showing up on a Facebook post as well as the tab. 

How to Optimize your Page Title for SEO

When it comes to crafting the perfect title tag to get a good ranking in SEO, you should consider this SEO checklist. 

  • Keep your title under 60 characters
  • Use your target keyword at the start of the title
  • Use headline writing best practices
  • If you use WordPress, use a tool like YoastSEO to see how effective your headline is
  • Consider using your brand name in the title (Title | Brand name) like this
  • Make it readable and understandable
  • Keep it simple, stupid
  • Communicate exactly what your post will be about (don’t clickbait)
  • Create a unique title that doesn’t show up twice on your page


Keep in mind that on-page SEO goes deeper than just your title tag. You want to make sure the URL matches your target keywords and your meta description provides a good snippet of your content. 


All three of these aspects must be in harmony for you to have any luck in your SEO efforts. 

Silicon Valley Bread SEO tips

Key: write a good meta description and URL too

Create an optimized meta description. This means: 

  • Keep your description between 135 and 160 characters
  • Use your target keyword at the start of the description
  • Use your target keywords at least twice
  • Include a call to action
  • Communicate your value proposition
  • Make it readable and understandable
  • Keep it simple, stupid
  • Create a unique description that doesn’t show up twice on your page or copy anyone


Create an optimized URL:

  • Use your target keyword
  • Keep it very simple
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Make sure you don’t use it again (important)

How to Check your Page Title SEO

Once you make your title and description, it is time to check it to see if it can be better. If you are using YoastSEO, this can be done straight from your WordPress editor.


If not, I would recommend using an On-Page SEO checker which will scan your page URL to analyze the keyword optimization, SERP appearance, and SEO.


Alexa is an On-Page SEO checker that lets you analyze URLs on a free trial. I would recommend signing up and taking a look to see what improvements you can make. 


Here is an example of some results you may receive. 


Now that you have a good idea about how to make your page title, it is time to get to work. Remember, having an optimized page title is essential to your website’s SEO score and overall visibility in search engines, social media, and other areas. It also helps you with your CTR and other factors that bring readers to your website. 


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and thank you for reading!

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