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Home Office for Millionaires

What should I buy to decorate and optimize my work-from-home office? Not sure how to create your office setup? Here’s how you can enhance your daily work experience.

An inspiring work place at home is almost as important as the actual work that you are doing everyday. Here, I have gathered some household essentials for your home office that will elevate your work-from-home experience. Perfect for a compact space, my small home office design has personally been great for me and nice on my wallet too!

So, hopefully these home office design ideas inspire you to change your setup as well.

3 Important Elements of your Home Office Blueprint

Before we get into the actual decorations and useful gadgets, we should go over a few important aspects of home office creation. 

  1. Location, Location, Location – where you put your workspace in a room actually does matter.
  2. Orientation – is your desk situated in the middle of the room? Facing a wall? Window?
  3.  Surroundings – clear your room of needless distractions and interferences. 

So where should I put my desk?

Generally, it is known that you should not face your desk towards the door. This will cause you to always be looking outside the room, wondering if there is something you need to do away from your office. The more time spent wondering, the less doing productive work.

Personally, I have my desk facing the wall where I can fill decorations and personal trinkets that I do not have to stare at (since they have been there for so long). 

I have also seen that desks facing the window can be a nice place to work since the outside environment is constantly changing and offers a relaxing sight for sore eyes.

Best Desktop Monitor for Productivity

So, it’s time for a big investment. You have probably been using the same monitor for a long time or have been sticking it out with your laptop alone.

While this works well, in order to truly transform your home office into a Millionaire’s workspace, I would highly recommend investing in a monitor that will beg you to become a business master.


What size monitor should I get?

Personally, I invested in a 50 inch monitor for my workspace and I love it. I am able to have up to 4 windows open on my main screen, with the option to move programs to my host computer or my third screen (which I have set up vertically). With this setup, my productivity has practically skyrocketed.

I mean, I went from using just a MacBook to 3 monitors to do business. What did I expect?

The monitor I got comes with a beautiful LED display and a curved screen that makes me so grateful to see it every morning as I set up my business for the day. It boasts a 3840×1080 resolution, (which is beat by some of the other monitors I will recommend) and a 144Hz refresh rate that makes it as smooth as butter. 


Best All-Around

samsung 50 inch curved monitor

Once again, you simply can’t go wrong with this purchase. I have not been able to work anywhere else since purchasing this monitor, even if it is on the pricier side. If your budget pertains, I would definitely recommend paying the full listing price of $1200 for this monitor. 

 Luckily, since you are a Silicon Valley Bread reader, I have here the option to purchase this directly from Amazon for a sale price of $1065. All you have to do is click this link.

Best Monitor on a Budget

Let’s say you have less than 700 dollars to spend for your monitor. That’s okay because there are still a lot of great options to choose from. While they may not have the 50 inch screen like Samsung’s or the same curvature, I will give you another option for something that is a better bang for your buck. 

For nearly half the price of the last monitor, you can get this QLED piece from the same prestigious brand. This monitor is 34 inches long with vibrant colors and perfect detail for your working pleasure. 

Again, I have here a curved screen which is the only type of screen you really should be investing in nowadays. Curved screens have been proven to be easier on your eyes and ergonomically efficient. It only makes sense that your next monitor should be a curved one. 

For only $639.99, you can buy this monitor directly from my link here

Decorating your office

Of course, what’s so great about a workspace if it doesn’t feel interesting or personal? If you are creating your ideal work-from-home setup, it should contain at least a few decorations that make you feel like you own the place (because well, you do). 

My recommendation is to add some small wooden shelves for you to put your personal trinkets whether thats pictures, drawings, art, or inspiring works. 

For my workspace, I tried to go for a nature theme so I included wood shelves, (fake) green plants, and handmade artwork pieces. 

wooden shelves and decoration

So on my shelves, which I place directly over my computer, I have pictures with friends, a drawing I made, and a portrait of an idol of mine. Plus, it looks great on these small wooden shelves. By the way, yes you can buy them here with my link

Wolf of Wall Street?

By the way, I also have this awesome poster collage of Leo DiCaprio from the Wolf of Wall Street. 

It’s a great reminder of the fallen greats that have defined finance, as well a critically acclaimed movie that I know some of you have seen tens of times. 

wolf of wall street poster

I absolutely love how this looks right above my shelves.

Purchase it here!

So, now that you have a sneak peek into what a Millionaire’s home office looks like, be sure to check out another article on how you can start building your journey to riches as well. No experience, no money, no connections? You can still make it big by making a small investment that could generate thousands of dollars a month.

I’m talking, of course, about online marketing and blogging. Read more about that here

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