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Silicon Valley is the birthplace of many innovations, including personal computers and modern semiconductor devices. This region has served as a startup hub for new entrepreneurs for decades, but its widespread influence can be seen in just about every aspect of our lives today.


Home to over 2,000 tech companies (the densest concentration in the world), Silicon Valley is an epicenter for new businesses to grow. SVB Digital is a Silicon Valley SEO agency that was formed specifically to help these growing companies stay competitive. 


But what makes SVB Digital’s SEO agency different from the rest? Let’s find out. 

What is SVB Digital's Silicon Valley SEO Agency?

SVB Digital is a premier SEO agency that leverages innovative content creation strategies and viral marketing to help grow small businesses & startups.


Of course, we didn’t get to that stage without mastering the fundamentals. Our SEO agency’s first goal is always to get you to the first page of search engines like Google.


To do this, we deploy SEO services that cover a wide range of disciplines; from link building to on-page optimization and inbound marketing, and more.


We use best practices that are proven to work, giving you the greatest chance at success online.

But first, what is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process of improving your website’s ranking in Google search results to increase the number of visitors.


This page contains a lot about SEO and what it means for your small business. Below, we’ll go over some ways that SVB Digital helps clients with their rankings on Google.


Our SEO agency provides services ranging from:


  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page and Off-page SEO
  • Keyword Research and Ranking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • SEO Analytics
  • Ecommerce SEO


and more.

Why your business needs to get ranked

with over 3.5 billion searches/day on Google, your SMB needs to be found when it matters most

0 %
of online business experiences begin with a search engine.
0 %
of people never check past the first results page
0 %
of customers research a product online before buying

1. Our local SEO services

We offer local SEO services to make sure your business is found by people in the area.


  • Our team will help you rank better on Google for terms like “local dentist,” “plumber near me,” and other related searches with a map of where you’re located.


  • Silicon Valley SEO Services also provides online reputation management, helping companies repair their online image if it’s been tarnished due to negative reviews or harmful content about them published elsewhere on the web.
silicon valley seo local results
Showing up multiple times on a search result boosts credibility, trust, and click-through rate.

2. Our technical SEO services

So what exactly is technical SEO?


Technical SEO refers to the methods, tools, and procedures that are required for search engines such as Google in order to index, cache, and rank a website in their SERPs.


Technical SEO requires an understanding of on-page optimization (such as keyword research) and off-page optimization techniques (like link-building).


Our technical SEO services include:


  • Meta tagging or adjustments


  • HTML implementation


  • Robots.txt setup


and more!


If you are looking at investing your time into search engine optimization then it is essential that you have someone who understands these things well enough from both sides: development & marketing!


The technical SEO team at SVB Digital is designed to help grow your site’s visibility by implementing best practices throughout all parts of the process; including working with developers strategic experts, and content creators to help your brand grow and get ahead of the competition.

3. On-page and Off-page SEO services

Our on-page SEO services focus on aspects that we can change directly onto your website. This includes:


  • Keyword Placement


  • Proper images with ALT attributes (that well represent the content of page)


  • Meta Tags for SERP


  • Header Tags that help with Google’s understanding of crawl-ability


As for off-page SEO, once a site has been optimized it is time to get links from other websites back to yours!


Link-building can be done in many different ways including guest blogging, skyscraper posting, directory submissions, and more. Please keep reading our blog for more information – this topic deserves its own article. 

4. Keyword research and ranking services

Many marketers agree that keyword ranking is one of the most important ways to reach your target audience. 




By ranking your site on Google right where people are looking, you can get brand attention in any stage of the sales funnel. Check out this infographic by for example. 

google mobile ranking factors for silicon valley seo

Keyword research and ranking services are a vital part of how we help our clients rank higher in search engines.


We create keyword lists that represent what the client is trying to sell, then use Google’s Keyword Tool as well as other tools like SEMrush and Bing Ads Intelligence to find keywords with the greatest amount of monthly traffic but also ones that have lower competition for ad spots.


Then we do vigorous testing on those keywords by running ads or content discovery campaigns – this way when it comes time for the launch date we already know which topics work best!


This may sound simple enough, but there are many aspects to SEO that go far deeper. For more information, read this beginner’s guide to SEO for small businesses.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization services

There are many components to CRO including:


  1. The design of your website/app. The placement of buttons and what people see first is important for conversion rates via initial impressions.
  2. How copywriting affects people’s decision-making process when they are looking at products or services. For example, if you’re running an eCommerce brand, you want your brand to feel trustworthy and transparent, so you might write copy that reads more like a blog post.
  3. The design of an advertisement or ad campaign. This includes how much time someone spends looking at an ad before closing it down; what type of images are used in ads; where ads appear on social media sites – all these things can influence conversion rates for companies!


*Eric's Number One Tip: Never overlook website analytics data when running CRO campaigns, even if you are advertising on social channels.*

The Silicon Valley SEO Process

 1. Free Consultation and Site Audit


First, we review your website’s infrastructure and evaluate your business’s location and top opportunities. Then, we communicate our findings with you during our free strategic consultation. 

 2. Keyword Research and Initial Planning


Second, our strategic experts conduct careful research for getting your “gimme” keywords to rank. We also begin planning all the aspects of your SEO plan including off-page optimization, website redesign, link-building, and more. 

 3. Implement and Optimize


Then, we set all the stones in place. You get connected with creative content specialists, professional designers, and technical experts who continually test content with data-driven optimizations to create near-perfect pages for ranking on SERPs.

 4. Expansion and Reporting


Lastly, we continue analyzing data with constant editing to increase your website’s relevance and authority. As your unique business evolves with the competition, we make the necessary adjustments to keep your competitive edge. Weekly reports are sent since phase 2.

Ready to Grow Your Startup or Small Business?

Our Silicon Valley SEO agency is determined to elevate a new business to greater heights. The only question is:


Will it be yours?

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