Part-Time Social Media Jobs | $35/hr No Experience

Make money using social media. No experience jobs. Get paid to post on Facebook, tweet, and upload on YouTube. This is how to make money by using social media in 2021

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Did you know you can get paid just to use social media?

Tired of looking for ways to make a little more money online? Reaching out to job offers but not getting responses?

If you are like most people, you use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on a daily basis. Well, did you know that you can actually get paid to do this? Seriously. Get paid just to do what you already do in your daily routine. 

With absolutely no experience, you can start making up to $175 a day just from doing actions such as liking Facebook posts

I’m dead serious. 


How do I make money as a part-time social media manager?

Let me start by saying that this might be a literal real-life hack. But it really does exist. 

With the platform, you can actually make money just from using your socials.

How does it work? pays ordinary people from the US to promote online businesses by using their social media accounts. It requires zero experience and acts as an entry-level position. Free training is provided and you get paid a standard rate of $35 an hour. Sheesh.

Click the link here to apply.

So what are the requirements? If you are using social media now, you very likely already have all the things you need to get started right away. 

So that’s about that. 

If you think this job is too good to be true… Well it very much is. And other people think so too!

There is currently very high demand for this job right now in 2021 according to the website. If you have 5 hours to kill every day and want to make upwards of $175 during that time, I would highly highly recommend applying today. 

Another Option You Should Apply To

paid to use social media

If my first option was interesting to you, be sure to also apply for SocialSaleRep

SocialSaleRep is another company that offers the same thing, paying you simply to use social media part-time. 

The difference is SocialSaleRep does not offer a standard rate for payment directly from their landing page. In order to find out how much you can make, you have to sign up and apply. 

That being said, there is simply nothing to lose from signing up and seeing if you get this job! If anything, you might get both of these jobs and begin to build your full-time online entrepreneurial business.

cash from social media

Even if you have no experience, SocialSaleRep will train you for everything you need to start making money right away.

I would highly recommend checking this out as it could make that next rent check paid sooner so you can start spending money on what’s really important. Whether that’s decorating your room to look like a millionaire or starting your blog, there are so many ways to spend the extra money you’ll be making if you sign up!

So why wouldn’t you sign up to be a paid social media user?

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