YouTube SEO Tools | Best Paid Tools To Rank #1 on YouTube and Google

YouTube SEO Tools – Ways to get your video to rank first on YouTube & Google

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Need to do YouTube SEO but don’t know how? Here’s how you can rank your videos with Youtube & Google SEO tips. These tools are built with YouTube SEO in mind.

So you too have the dream of reaching fame and fortune from sharing videos on the word’s biggest video-sharing platform, YouTube. Some time has passed but you finally went out and did it. You made your first video on YouTube!

Now what?

Well if you’re like me, the first video you uploaded probably only got about 5 views and yes, they are all from your friends or family. But luckily, I’m here to change that. 

This guide will show you how to naturally get your video to show up to your target viewers and audience. But if you want to skip the hard work, I also have some software tools that will instantly get your video to rank #1 on Google and YouTube’s search engines

So first I will go over the best softwares that will do the hard work for you, then I’ll explain how they work. If you want to know how to boost your video ranking and get traffic absolutely free, skip the following portion. 

No Time? These Companies Will Rank Your Video For You.

In case you want to spend your time creating content instead of worrying about the complexities of SEO, here are a plethora of software tools that will gladly do the hard work for you. Let’s go over them one by one. 

Videly | SEO Video Marketing Platform

Videly is a platform made for video creators with little to no experience in SEO.

Their value proposition centers around how they can bring a flood of targeted visitors to your video. This leads to a noticeable increase in sales and conversions in under 60 seconds.

Regardless of the nature of your video (personal, business, etc.), Videly’s experience in engineering within Google and YouTube’s SEO engines will allow them to utilize keyword strategies to rank your video first.

Their software uses 3 steps to rank your video.

  1. Find keywords with their Keyword Planning Tool.
  2. Use software to auto-generate a video title and description.
  3. Upload video with generated YouTube SEO!

Why Use?

Videly can get your video on the first page of YouTube and Google INSTANTLY. It’s that easy. The only downside is the initial cost of using the service. Luckily, it is not that steep and you can use the service for all your videos. Also, click this link to use their tool. 

Pricing: $47 one-time fee

Video Marketing Blaster

video marketing blaster

Video Marketing Blaster is another software video ranking software that essentially provides the same service as Videly. With over 10 thousand packages sold, they have a solid user base that has benefitted from having their videos rank high. 

While their product is not as refined as Videly, Video Marketing Blaster is much cheaper and provides a comparable service

Personally, I would recommend this if you are on a budget but you still want the difficult SEO work to be done by a separate company. 

Why Use?

Video Marketing Blaster is a cheap alternative that gets you the same service, even if it is not perfect every time. You still get the use the service for a lot of videos, so a good portion of them will rank from this. Here is the link!

Pricing: $27 one-time fee

How To Rank Your Videos for Free Without YouTube SEO Tools

So what if you don’t want to spend money to have another company do the SEO work for you? This is absolutely okay but it will require a bit of work to get your video ranking on YouTube & Google’s competitive search engines. First, let’s go over how Videly and Video Marketing Blaster get your videos to rank anyways.


Step 1. Find Your Topic

In order to get your video to your audience, you have to understand exactly what they want to see. How do we find this out? 

See what they are searching for.

Using Google’s tools such as Google Trends and Google Keywords Planner, you can find out how people’s interests in a topic have been evolving. Google Trends will help you pinpoint topics that are growing so you can take advantage of a rising pool of target viewers. 

google trends

Simply click on the Google Trends link and search for a topic related to the video you created (or are thinking of creating).

google trends youtube

Be sure to make your search a “YouTube Search” and narrow down a geographical region, category, and time period to target your results further. 

As you can see, using the comparison feature can show you how different search trends are performing. You can also see how often one term is searched versus another. 

Both of these factors should be used when you are considering how you title your video.

Moving forward, I can see that the term “airplane” has a higher interest trend so I will use it when considering how I title my video.  

Pricing: Free

Step 2. Get Keywords From Google

By making use of Google’s Keyword Planner, you can find out exactly how to word your title for your video!

Since you already have an idea of what trending topic to target, all you have to do is type in your topic into the keyword planner and it will generate a list of potential keyword phrases to use. 

google keywords


Keyword planner gives you a bunch of very useful information – including the average search volume, competition with other advertisers, and the amount you will pay to bid for these ads. Most importantly, it gives you an idea of what else people are searching for in relation to your topic. Try narrowing your topic with more words to find a more targeted list of phrases. 

Since keyword planner is completely free-to-use, you should always use it to make a focused title before uploading any video on YouTube!

You can also put in a video URL to find similar keyword topics and you can download the list to view later. 

Step 3. More Targeted Keyword Research Options

In case you felt like Google’s keyword planner did not contain enough information for you to make an informed decision of how to title your content, there are also more options available. 

I personally recommend Neil Patel’s

Click on this link to use the free version of his service and go under “Keyword Analyzer” on the left of your screen. You will see the option “Keyword Ideas”. Click on this and type in a word or phrase to see some more information.

Here, you will see a more accurate search volume, cost per click (for advertising your video), the competitive advertising difficulty (PD stands for paid difficulty), and SEO difficulty (SD). 

Basically, you want to look for the phrases with high volume and low numbers in all the other categories. If you don’t want to spend money advertising your video, look for a low SD score so you can rely on SEO for your videos ranking. 

Ubersuggest allows you to have 3 free searches a day and gives you the option to sign up for a free trial. 

Pricing: $29 a month for individuals

Step 4. Do Competitive Research

The best way to see how to start building your channel’s engagement and views is to see how your competitors do it better. For this, I would highly recommend using a software extension called VidIQ

VidIQ is a channel management software that you can add as a chrome extension to instantly see analytics for every video you watch on YouTube.

It allows you to see how strong each video’s SEO is as well as many other analytics. 


Using this software can help you understand what works for your competitors so you can find a way to gain an edge. You can also connect your Facebook account so that it is even faster to share videos around, igniting initial viral growth. 

One of its most impressive features is a graph that shows how a video performed in comparison to the channel’s average amount of views. 

VIDIQ screenshot

However, if you really want to understand how your competition performs the way they do, you can upgrade your VidIQ membership to see the graph compare views to anything ranging from selected videos, playlists, and  channels.

Since the price for a pro account is not too high, I’d recommend spending the money if you have the budget for it. It will allow you to easily edit your videos and see exact data on your competitor’s videos as well. If you are interested, check out more at VidIQ.

Pricing: Free (basic) $7.50 a month (pro) $39 a month (boost)

Step 5. Upload Your Video and Create a Thumbnail

The thumbnail is probably the most important part of your video if you want to get any views. After all, it’s the first thing a viewer sees before they decide to click or not click on your video. 

I use Canva to create most, if not all of my thumbnails.

Canva is great because it lets you use any template size to create marketing pieces or thumbnails. You can also create instagram posts, YouTube backgrounds, and many more.

With the free version, you can do all sorts of things without needing to upgrade. I recommend uploading lots of pics and using a few of Canva’s default icons to design your thumbnail. 

canva screenshot

Here are some examples of thumbnails I created with Canva for my SaaS company, oneboard

Oneboard is an online real-time streaming whiteboard web app built for students and teachers. I took advantage of this by filming myself teaching lessons on the whiteboard and uploading it to YouTube. 

Click on the thumbnail if you want to watch!

As you can see, my thumbnails have a consistent theme. Logo is in the bottom left corner. Background is white. Text is in a similar font. Colors are the same. 

With Canva, you can effectively theme your channel so your audience will always have an idea of what they will see. 


All in all, it’s no secret that video optimization is extremely vital if you want your YouTube channel to get discovered. While it will take lots of hard work to get it just right, there’s no better time to start than right now. 

At the same time, you should seriously consider using one of the two platforms I mentioned above. Videly and Video Marketing Blaster specialize in doing what you could be spending hours doing. With only 3 clicks, your life could be made much easier by enlisting their help. 

Want to learn more online marketing? Check out my blog post about starting an online business with zero money and zero connections.

So what would you do to get your video seen?

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