Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services for Small Businesses and Startups

SVB Digital provides an impactful PPC advertising campaign strategy that helps small businesses like you grow your website traffic, lead-to-conversion ratio, and more. We use AI management and optimization technology to maximize your returns and reach your marketing goals.

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Top PPC Advertising Agency for Startups and Small Businesses

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach a targeted audience that has high intent for making a final purchase. It lets you present your business to them right where they are looking and gives you an edge to outperform your competition.

SVB Digital's PPC services are specifically designed to help you secure customers in advertising areas less saturated by other competitors. We target long-tail keywords in addition to traditional phrases so you can save money spent on CPC and still get high conversions.

We're looking to grow your website traffic, your brand recognition, and your lead-to-conversion ratio like never before.

Are you prepared to grow your business with paid search advertising?

The Paid Search Advertising Service Agency That Moves in Silence

explore our social ad service plans

Basic Plan

18% of ad spend / month

+ 550 initial management fee

Market Pro Plan

15% of ad spend / month

+ 450 initial management fee

Enterprise Leader Plan

12.5% of ad spend / month

+ 1 month management fee

$0 – $5,000/month ad spend (paid to networks)

Up to 2,000 keywords 

Daily optimization tweaks

Free advertising account setup

Google Ads Bid Management

Conversions Tracking

Tracking for 50 phone calls from web leads

$5,001 – $15,000/month ad spend (paid to networks)

Up to 5,000 keywords

Daily optimization tweaks

Free advertising account setup

Google Ads + Bing Networks

Display Ad Networks

Strategic Bid Management

High-Level Security Monitoring

Website Conversion Analysis Reports (weekly or monthly)

$15,000+/month ad spend (paid to networks)

Up to 10,000 keywords targeted

Daily optimization tweaks

Free advertising account Setup

Google Ads + Bing Networks

Strategic Bid Management

Banner Ads Creation 

Custom Landing Page Design

Website Conversion Analysis Reports (weekly or monthly)

Why hire a professional PPC advertising services agency?

1. Get a specialized team to run your paid search advertising account with premiere SEM tools.

2. Receive rapid responses for support requests (within 48 hours)

3. Reach your target audience exactly when they are searching for your solutions.

What's Included in Our PPC Management Services Plans

Google Search Ads

More than 7,000,000 advertisers run ads on Google's PPC search engine. Are you claiming your share?
Our strategy targets key spots in the network that are less saturated with competition so you can grow your brand without breaking the bank.

Google Display Ads

The Google Display Network reaches 90% of online consumers as of 2019. Get your target audience to see your brand across multiple networks so you can maximize brand recognition and conversion.

Retargeting Ads

Studies have shown that consumers are 70% more likely to purchase a product when a company utilizes retargeting. Let our agency bring back the leads you nearly convinced and convert them into loyal customers.

Constant Keyword Development and Optimization

Our keyword tweaks come as an ongoing service so your advertising campaigns never fall under the competition's.

Analytics Integration

We use Google analytics to track leads and conversion so we can set clear goals for your marketing success.
Our data-proven strategies are built to sustain excellent results even if you aren't sure of your growth potential.

Bing Ads

The second largest search engine is used by over 126 million unique searchers in the United States alone. Don't lose out on the potential customers who aren't on Google.

Results Reporting

Get your advertising campaign results sent directly or presented in a weekly or monthly format. We want to make sure you always know how your performance is going and the ways we are optimizing it every day.

Transparent Management

Our advertising professionals run paid search campaigns through our client's Google Ads account. Our clients stay as Admins/Owners so they can always see exactly how the advertising campaigns are going.

social media management

We manage social media accounts too.

Want a dedicated account manager to post consistent content that develops your brand identity?

Ready to grow your small business with PPC? Contact us directly.

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