Paid Social Media Advertising Services for Small Businesses and Startups

SVB Digital is an impactful social media advertising & marketing agency that uses viral attention to drive business growth. Whether you need a team to elevate your brand presence or funnel targeted customers, our social media advertising experts are here to help.

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Top Advertising Agency for Startups and Small Businesses

Social media advertising has quickly become a fundamental element of every successful business's social brand strategy. In an ever-changing environment, the ability to adapt your advertising strategy to arouse curiosity amongst your audience is crucial.

Every platform is different with its own unique strengths and advantage points. All businesses can benefit from implementing an adaptive social advertising strategy that uses unique angles to convert customers.

Find out how SVB Digital's social media advertising agency can help you reach your target audience with diverse campaigns across multiple platforms.

We're looking to grow your brand presence, your customer loyalty, and your lead-to-conversion ratio for years to come.

Do you want to be able to reach your target demographic with diverse strategies?

The Social Media Advertising Service Agency That Fits Your Startup

explore our social ad service plans

1 Social Media Network

12.5% of ad spend / month

+ 550 initial investment

2 Social Media Networks

12.5% of ad spend / month

+ 850 initial investment

3+ Social Media Networks

12.5% of ad spend / month

+ 1450 initial investment

Up to 5 unique ads

Up to 3 audience campaigns

Daily optimization tweaks

Free advertising account setup

Up to 6 unique ads

Up to 4 audience campaigns

Daily optimization tweaks

Free advertising account setup

Up to 8 unique ads

Up to 5 audience campaigns

Daily optimization tweaks

Free advertising account Setup

Why hire a professional social media advertising service agency?

1. Get a dedicated team to run your advertising account with no learning curve

2. Receive quick responses for support requests (within 2 days)

3. Revamp your advertising campaign goals with cost-effective optimization strategies

We do social media advertising for every platform.

Facebook Advertising

Use Facebook's advanced targeting system to reach your ideal customer in a pool of over 3 billion monthly users.

Instagram Advertising

The number 1 platform for building brand awareness and using visual elements to attract new customers and leads. Utilize a competitive ad campaign to get new interactions and sales.

TikTok Advertising

The fastest-growing social video sharing platform can be the perfect place to reach your target audience. Use professional filming and editing services to gain the upper hand.

Twitter Advertising

Ideal for B2B and B2C clients. Use instant connection advertising to build trust with your current and future customers.

Linkedin Advertising

The strongest platform for initial lead generation. Target established leads that can bring new light to your business with compelling and impactful ads.

Pinterest Advertising

We employ creative and effective ads on the scrapbooking social media platform that users love. Take advantage of increased awareness and sales from our targeted advertising services.

YouTube Advertising

Pay only when a potential customer views your ad in full. We employ creative, engaging, and effective ads to get you recognition for a great price.

Snapchat Advertising

We create 5-second ads that will leave your target audience wanting more. Utilize one of the most popular photo-sharing social media platforms to reach more people and earn more revenue.

social media management

We manage social media accounts too.

Want a dedicated account manager to post consistent content that develops your brand identity?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we track metrics & analytics?

Tracking on Facebook

To track your ad performance, we leverage data from Google Analytics (site performance), Facebook Ad Manager (ad performance), and SEMrush (competitive insight).

What are we looking for?

We want to optimize your ads to make you the highest ROI. That's why we use key performance indicators such as impressions, reach, engagements, click-through rate, cost per click, bounce rate, and average time on page to determine what tweaks to make.

Why Advertise on Social Media?

74% of people use social media when they are about to make a purchasing decision. Do you want to make that decision easier?

What Platform Should I Choose?

That depends on your unique business. Who is your audience? What platform do they spend most of their time on? Contact us to find out.

Why Run Facebook Ads?

Facebook has over 1.8 billion active users every day. They have options to target specific audience with different goals including campaigns design to drive awareness, engagement, website traffic, conversions, and much more.

Do I have to pay right away?

No. At SVB Digital, we always offer a free consultation first where we discuss strategy and evaluate together if we can build a strong mutually beneficial partnership.

What Type of Ads Will SVB Digital Make?

We use every tool available to us to make a diverse collection of innovative and unique ads. This includes video, photo, carousel, slideshow, stories, instants, and more.

How will you help my business?

Our goal is to grow your business with proven strategies that give you benefits like:
1. Reaching your target audience faster
2. Remarketing to past customers or email subscribers
3. Using AI to track metrics and optimize performance
4. Building cost-effective campaigns that reach your goals
and more.

Still not sure? Contact us directly.

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