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That Uses Viral Attention For Customer Retention

64% of consumers watching branded videos on social media will make the final purchase. 


Are you spending enough time nurturing those leads?

We Do Social Media Better

 We create and manage top-performing social media accounts for high-value companies.

We use campaign strategies on the networks most relevant to your business; including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.

We use social media to leverage greater goals for your business growth. 

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More Than Just Another Digital Marketing Agency

Daily Creative Content

We consistently post attention-grabbing content that utilizes new features on every social media platform. Our service uses your brand message to target followers and transform them into customers. 

Social Advertising

Our motto is better results for a lower cost. We only use advertising tactics that are proven to bring back a higher return in the long run. Our team specializes in running Facebook ads with advanced targeting and optimized bid management. 

TikTok and Video

Our in-house team generated over 900k views and 73k likes using unpromoted TikTok video content for our last client alone. 

Run Ads on All Major Media Channels

We utilize advertising services on the top 3 channels that match your business best. If you want more awareness from other social platforms, we offer that too. 

Omnichannel Marketing

We keep your brand message consistent and powerful by employing omnichannel marketing across all platforms. 

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TikTok account has since been sold for an undisclosed amount

What our customers have said

“[SVB] built a growing platform that has increased our overall consumer base and awareness!”

“Thank you for sharing your optimization results and being so transparent with your services!”

Saving Your Time and Money

(Competitor Pricing vs. SVB Digital)

Basic Plan

2 Best-Fitting Social Media Networks
/ month
  • 15 Social Posts Per Month
  • Page Monitoring and Funnel Optimization
  • 6 Custom Images Per Month
  • 2 Boosted Posts
  • Analytics

Low Maintenance

3 Top Social Media Networks
/ month
  • Everything included in Basic and...
  • 5 Additional Social Posts Per Month
  • 3 Additional Custom Images Per Month
  • 2 Additional Boosted Posts
  • Group Promotions
  • Professional Video Creation


All Inclusive Social Networking
/ month
  • Everything included in Basic and Pro plus...
  • 30 Total Monthly Posts
  • 15 Total Custom Images
  • 10 Total Boosted Posts Per Month
  • 1 Promotional Contest
  • Optimal Posting Times
  • Website Conversions Optimization
  • App Install Funneling
  • Omnichannel Promotions
  • Shared Content Calendar
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Does your business have a dedicated Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Over Half of the World is on Social Media.

2 years ago, there were 3.5 Billion active social media users every single day. That’s nearly half of the entire human population. Now, more than half of the world is actively going on social networks and finding new businesses. You can bet that your target audience is on their social platforms waiting to discover you. If you don’t already have a social media marketing campaign strategy, what are you waiting for?

You have seen the impact that a strong social presence can have on a business. Whether it is a B2C brand, drop shipper, e-commerce, local, service-based, B2B, or any other type of organization– these brands are investing huge efforts to reaching new audiences on social media. 

We’ve worked with the companies that have rock-solid social media marketing strategies and we want to help your brand get to that level too. The question is, are you ready to grow you business?

Social Media Management for Small Businesses and Startups

Get results, your way.

Tired of getting unsatisfactory performance from other agencies? SVB Digital is dedicated to maximizing every penny you spend on your social media campaigns so your return on investment always brings attractive results. 


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